Polyamide (Nylon) MXD6, MX-Nylon

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Product's Features.


1. Superior Gas Barrier Properties.

MX-Nylon (MXD6) possesses not only excellent Oxygen (O2) barrier properties but it also can work as a barrier to other gases such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The barrier properties also show less deterioration in high humidity environments. Particularly, MX-Nylon has the highest O2 barrier among all commercially available polyamides and is commonly used for food and beverage packaging.




2. Suitable Processing Temperature for Various Applications

The melting point (melting temperature) of MX-Nylon is 237C. The processing temperature of MX-Nylon matches well with the temperature range for molding. Therefore, the resin is easily processed with other resins, like Polyethlene Terephthalate (PET), Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene (PE) to achieve co-injection molding and co-extrusion molding or produce laminated containers, bottles, and packaging sheets.



MX-Nylon is widely used for PET bottle applications. By using the product, it is possible to extend shelf life and reduce PET bottle weight by keeping gas barrier. Reducing weight of PET bottle can make impacts on our environment smaller.






By Applications.


1. PET Bottle

As parameters of MX-Nylon and PET is similar, it is possible to blend PET and MX-Nylon in the same process, or mold them in multi-layer. By doing that way, the barrier properties of the bottles can be enhanced to prevent O2 and CO2 ingress. 

This technology can be used for Juices, Teas and Carbonated beverages and more products.


2. Film

When MX-Nylon is used in comibination with PET, PP, or Polyamide (PA6, Nylon6) in multi-layer structured film, barrier properties can be substantially enhanced. In addition, MX-Nylon can be utilized with standard PA6 film to increase barrier performance while enabling the film to possess easy-tear properties.


3. Multi-Layer Polypropylene (PP) sheet for Retort Applications

Multi-layer PP containers using MX-Nylon maintains its superior barrier properties even after retort process as compared with other barrier materials. This is due to its ability to minimize O2 ingress during so-called "Retort Shock", where processing environments can reach 121C.


4. Automotive Components

MX-Nylon can be used a compound with Glass Fiber (GF). This GF compound possesses the highest modulus of the thermoplastics. It is widely used to replace metal parts (Metal Replacement) in several industries due to its high chemical resistance and low deterioration in strength even in high moisture environments. This results in weight reductions for the final product ultimately. 


5. Aesthetic and Functional Parts

As MX-Nylon is crystalline polymer, molded parts will have excellent aesthetic properties. Even with high glass loading, molded parts have smooth surface. They can be used for electric/electronic parts and casings of various deices without additional treatment.

Also, MX-Nylon has the most superior mechanical strength and elastic modulus of the thermoplastics. Flexural strength of MX-Nylon is around 200MPa. Flexural modulus is 4.3GPa. MX-Nylon has the great stiffness of thermoplastics. Due to excellent CFRP and GFRP adhesive, reinforced compound of MX-Nylon shows superior character than other compounds. The fatigue and creep feature is also better than others.




6. CFRP with Thermoplastic Property

As MX-Nylon has excellent interfacial adhesion with carbon fiber, they are suitable to be used as the matrix resin for Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP). This results in a thermoplastic material which retains its high modulus and strength in highly humid environments as compared with conventional matrix resins.



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