We strive to list all of chemical products and deliver all of information you need to know to develop useful products to the world.


We have started operation of this webpage to contribute to Japanese chemical industry and have been focusing on those companies and products.

While we develop this website, we have noticed that many people who should be related to chemical industries from all over the world (5,000+ unique users from 100+ countries worldwide) are coming to our site to see which companies are making which chemical products.


The place where many people gather from all over the world is now called  "Exhibition". Those places are  generally "real", however it should not necessarily to be, but can be on internet.


Given this premises, we are now considering to modify the website to one of exhibition of chemical product on internet which is held through the year and develop it to the most valuable exhibition in the world.


If you are interested to make advertisement to 5,000+ people, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to customize the webpage to the one you would prefer and are able to list price, specification, TDS, SDS and others to appeal to potential customers as you like. 


Advertisement fee from USD900/Year including page creation/modification fee.


Chemical × IT should be our future.


We do hope to contribute to your marketing activity to global market!





ver. 226/2022